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If I am, or have ever been, the leader of a large group of like-minded individuals with a central cause, it would never be modeled after Manson or Jones and it certainly would not be called a cult. If our group focuses on little girls, we would not be raising them for sex. We would be raising an army.

Media Lies and Law Enforcement Blunders That Have Granted Me Immunity for Life

My name is John Mark Karr. I am the creator and author of this site as well as the designer of the photography here. A photo table of contents of this entire site follows this introduction. I have lived a very covert life outside the US since the summer of 2020. Since my first departure from America in 2001, my strategy for remaining private and safe has always consisted of constantly staying on the move and vowing never to return to America. I have paid dearly for parting from that plan in the past. The most recent span living in the US, from 2017 to 2020, is amongst my deepest regrets. I consider myself lucky to have survived it, in more ways than one.

This site is a small portion of my life story. It only covers the legal and media aspects of my life. I only touch on a few of the investigations that have been launched against me over the years by the FBI, Interpol, DHS and local authorities worldwide. I even touch on the complete blunders that some calling themselves "law enforcement" have made about me over the years - namely a fool puppet district attorney in Boulder Colorado in 2006. On the other hand, I've never considered the FBI, DHS, or Interpol to be incompetent as it relates to their international serial murder investigations or international abduction network investigations they've launched against me over the years. I acknowledge that these three agencies are among the most sophisticated and powerful law enforcement entities in the world.

Mostly, it's the powerful media that controls the narrative about me. This little website doesn't come close to their media monster websites and mighty TV networks. It's been said, those who control the narrative, control the world. I am far from controlling the narrative about John Mark Karr. The main reason is that I've been completely silenced by the media with the exception of the occasional phone call with reporters who promise the call is "off the record" but instead proceed to misquote me about everything I said and print it, or the outright lies that I've done interviews that I haven't done. Sure, the media might let me say a sentence or two but be certain, they will sabotage statements or comments I might say to suit their own anti-Karr agenda. For future references, due to a very bad experience I had in September 2023 - if you're the media and you promise the bullshit "off the record" call in an attempt to hijack what you will then publish as "an interview", you can go to hell.

Aside from the time I was set free by the blundering idiots of law enforcement in Boulder Colorado in 2006, the media and their adoring public have set me free for almost two decades with their stupid lies that make me look like an absolute idiot. In a sense, the media, and the public who perpetuates their lying narrative, have granted me permanent immunity against any and all murder charges and subsequent convictions that might come my way, for the rest of my life. If the media says I was a delusional, lying sack of shit in 2006, about a high class little girl they think I was too pathetic to even meet, the public latches on to that lie and now promotes it on social media, adding their own lies in their posts about me on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and X.

Blundering law enforcement, the media and their lies, and the public that has perpetuated the whole process, are the real idiotic fools. Why? Because these damned idiots have granted me a lifetime of legal immunity. To all of you, I say the following: Thank you for setting me free. Thank you for making my life impossible in America, which led me to a safer and better life outside the US. Most of all, thank you for being the stupid idiots you have portrayed me as being for 17 years.

In the words of a surrendering Confederate officer to Union General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain after the ceremony at Appomattox, I share his sentiments with my own enemies when he said, "You may forgive us but we won’t be forgiven. There is a rancor in our hearts which you little dream of. We hate you, sir."

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